Lions On The Moon

| Studio Session |


feat Karl Denson & Roosevelt Collier

2.7.15 / Live @ Brooklyn Bowl, NY

where did we go right

Original Song

2.7.15 / Live @ Brooklyn Bowl, NY

Whipping Post

Feat. Robert Randolph

3.27.15 / Live @ The Capitol Theatre

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Youngsters Lions On The Moon impressed with their opening set on Friday night. Guitarist Brandon "Taz" Niederauer continues to progress each time out. At age 12, he's already one of the scene's best young talents and there's no telling where he'll be by the time he reaches his teens, let alone adulthood. The band's rhythm guitarist, Nicky Dylan Winegardner, displayed his vocal prowess often as part of a set that included a number of tunes he wrote. Lions On The Moon's rhythm section of drummer Henry Thomas and bassist Dylan Niederauer held down the bottom end, allowing "Taz" ample opportunity to show off his well-beyond-his-years lead guitar skills. The group's set came to a climax with a cover of "Whipping Post" featuring Robert Randolph. (3/29/15, Scott Bernstein, JamBase


As the doors opened to the historic Capitol Theatre in Portchester, NY your expected throng of dead heads waiting outside to get a spot on rail rushed inside the venue. Little did they know they were going to be treated to a full-blown rock show by openers Lions On The Moon. When you read about a band comprised of four young men ranging in ages 12 to 16 you may think it is a gimmick, but these four are far from that. Formed in spring of 2014, the band –  Brandon “Taz” Neiderauer (lead guitar, vocals), Nicky Dylan Winegardner (lead vocals, guitar), Dylan Niederauer (bass), Henry Thomas (drums) these four play with the precision and chops that you would expect from a veteran headlining band.

Winegardner led the group on electric guitar through “Where Did We Go Right” and “Only Fun,” two original tunes before switching over to his acoustic guitar for “On Your Feet.” From there 12-year-old guitar prodigy generally referred to by his nickname “Taz” took over on vocals for his original penned tuned, the self titled “Lions On The Moon” inspired by The Nth Power’s “Walk on Water.” Winegardner went back to his electric guitar for “Party Mardi Gras” which featured bassist Dylan Neiderauer laying down some smooth, deep, melodic bass lines. Lions followed up with a soulful cover of Stevie Wonder’s “Higher Ground” propelled by Thomas’ fast rhythmic drumming. What came next seemed to be a treat equally appreciated by the audience and the young band as they were joined on stage by pedal steel aficionado Robert Randolph for The Allman Brothers’ “Whipping Post,” which featured a shredding guitar solo by “Taz” as he walked across the stage and played face to face with the veteran Randolph. Lions capped off their set with the original tune “Guitarmageddon” which sounded like it was penned by a group of young adults who still know how to have fun, not only on stage but in their song writing as well. (3/31/15, NYS Music)

Stereo Embers Magazine:

Lions On The Moon played a dazzling set the other night in New York.

The NY/CT-based foursome are comprised of Nicky Dylan Winegardner (lead vocals, guitar) Brandon Niederauer (lead guitar, vocals) Dylan Niederauer (bass,vocals), and Henry Thomas (drums).  Although they’re all under fifteen, the band plays a tight, intuitive blend of funk, blues and rock and roll that makes them sound like seasoned veterans.

Guitarist Brandon “Taz” Niederauer is a colossal talent, a prodigy whose otherworldly onstage calm and finesse belie his terrestrial age.

The kid has power, musical smarts and tons of grace.

He’s going to be a huge superstar–watching him was like watching a young Mozart. Or Hendrix. Or Marley.

Lions On The Moon were not only a perfect reminder that music is meant to be joyful and electric, no matter how old you are, they were a reminder that maybe we’re putting too much emphasis on Little League when we should be enrolling our kids in the School of Rock. (4/13/15, Geoff Rischman, Stereo Embers Magazine)

The Examiner news

Most musicians spend their entire life waiting for a big break but the four members of Lions on the Moon are living the dream before any of them graduate high school.

The band, which recently recorded its first album, will play the Pleasantville Music Festival this Saturday and the four members, ages 13 to 17, are excited for the opportunity.

“I hear there are a lot of hot girls in Pleasantville,” joked 15-year-old drummer Henry Thomas. “I hope they come to the music festival and check us out.”

Despite their young age, the members of Lions on the Moon have a strong respect and love for classic rock groups. Thomas said it was listening to The Rolling Stones in the car that inspired him to learn an instrument at seven years old. He said that older music tends to have more depth and soul than modern pop music.

Nick Winegardner, the band’s 13-year-old guitarist and lead vocalist, agreed that classic rock is accessible to most people in a way that other genres are not. The band members’ fathers have also instilled a love of classic rock in their sons.

“Speaking for the whole band, I would say that our dads really got us into that music,” Winegardner said. “The dads may not be great musicians, actually they don’t even play, but they really like rock.”

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(Janine Bowen 7/10/2015)